A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Albania in the early morning November 26, 2019. The resulting damage forced thousands out of their homes due to concerns for the structural safety of the buildings. Some buildings in the Durres region have collapsed, and many have been sleeping outside and in tents in the days after. Over 500 aftershocks have occurred and the death toll has reached over 50 people. Relief is being quickly sent by many countries and efforts from the state and emergency responding organizations are doing their best to relieve the situation. Ongoing search and rescue has saved many people under the ruins, but the hopes of finding anymore survivors are fading.

Shelters are set up in various places with tents, food, and provisions to the many who are without a home or are unsure if they can return yet to their existing home. Durres, the second largest city in Albania, has been affected the most, with extensive minor damage. Many people are helping by volunteering, and are doing their best to reach the areas of need, close to the epi-center of damage. Pray for the families with young children, and elderly who need a warm place to stay, medicine and help.

You can donate to IGNIS Ministry, based in Albania, who help serve the locals here in the midst of this crisis.

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