Our Mission

IGNIS exists to encourage, resource, and equip local churches and church plant initiatives in all spiritual and organizational matters, to accomplish their mission to be light and salt in Albanian society.


We encourage young believers to grow in knowledge of the character and holiness of God. Pastors and preachers to dedicate themselves to the Word and Prayer, to care for the flock of God, and to develop new leaders.

We encourage Pastors and Christian leaders to grow in godliness and leadership so they can lead by example, raise new leaders, and care for them.


Pastors and leaders in various areas of church service and leadership.

We work passionately to enable every Albanian Christian leader to grow in character and skills needed to serve God with excellence.

We are building an online training platform where every Christian leader can attend training individually or by running a cohort of other church leaders.


We have created a website  dritez.al (little light) with the mission to spread the good news wherever there are Albanians. Every church is encouraged to use this platform as if it were its own.

We are also working on the creating and publishing books, articles, children & youth curriculum, audiovisual materials to be made available to the local churches.

Latest news & updates